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About CASI Branches

Some of the most important benefits of membership in CASI depend on members being able to attend local Branch meetings. It is here that you make new acquaintances and maintain existing relationships, participate in meetings and learn from program participants, and form the critical mass around which Institute membership will grow. It is often at the Branch level that CASI interacts with the larger community.

Branches are of two main types: 'student' and 'regular'. The main difference between them is their focus. Student Branches usually are hosted by academic institutions, and they tend to tailor their programs to the interests and needs of a predominantly student audience. A ‘regular’ Branch caters to a much more varied membership in terms of age and employment, and their programs and other activities reflect this fact. All CASI members are welcome at any CASI meeting anywhere, and cross-over between Branches is encouraged as a way of ensuring that the best ideas are shared by all.

A network of healthy and dynamic Branches is vital to our continuing prosperity as an organization. Your interest in participating and in sharing your enthusiasm with others, is the indispensable foundation upon which a dynamic and worthwhile organization can be built.

All Branches have similar structures for governance. Each has an elected executive committee which consists of at least a Chair, Vice-Chair, and past-Chair. Executive members are responsible for organizing Branch programs and activities that cater to the interests of the various groups served by CASI within their region. Any voting member in good standing may be elected to any one of the positions on the Branch Executive Committee. One member of each Branch is also elected to serve on the CASI Council to provide regional representation in the general governance of CASI. One Councillor is appointed to represent all student Branches collectively. Traditionally this Councillor has been the Chair of the Student Committee.

CASI has a strong program of assistance to Branches, including program suggestions and resources, promotional support, and funding to offset the cost of meetings and other Branch activities.

Important Branch Notes

All Branch Meetings and Branch Messages require approval by CASI HQ and must be submitted using the CASI Branch Event Request form listed above. We cannot send 3rd party messages on behalf of other organizations without approval from CASI Headquarters.

Ready to Branch Out?

Clicking the button indicates that you have read the applicable CASI Branch Handbook and CASI Branch Regulations and you are ready to proceed. Please note that the Student Branch Handbook is supplemental to the CASI Branch Handbook.

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