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Section Information

CASI offers its members the opportunity to affiliate with one of several interest groups within the Institute, called Sections. These are Aerodynamics, Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Aerospace Structures and Materials, Aircraft Design and Development, Astronautics, Flight Test & Flight Operations, Human Factors and Propulsion. Each has a Chair and a small executive responsible for organizing the activities of the Section.

The principal activity of a Section is to organize its participation in the appropriate biannual conference – the CASI ASTRO Conference for the Astronautics Section, and our AERO Conference for the other seven Sections. A Section may also cater to the interests of its members by organizing meetings, workshops, social events etc.

Every Section is dedicated to advancement of the art, science, technologies and applications of aerodynamics, through:

  • The provision of facilities for the exchange of information among members, particularly with regard to aerodynamics and related technologies
  • The holding of periodic symposia, and other special meetings, for the presentation and discussion of scientific research, technologies, applications methodologies, operations and other technical subjects relating to aerodynamics
  • The promotion of the publication of papers on all subjects relating to aerodynamics and related technologies
  • The promotion of the exchange of information between the Section of other organizations having similar interests.

The Section Chair has two principal responsibilities: to lead the participation of the Section in the relevant conference, and to coordinate other Section activities. The normal term (renewable once) for a Chair is two years.

The incumbent has a seat on the governing body of CASI (our ‘Board’) called the Council. The level of effort expected of the Chair is 3-5 hours per month.

If you would like to get involved in a Section executive role, please get in touch with CASI HQ. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

Terms of Reference

View the Terms of Reference for Sections


Chair: François Bisson | Airbus

Section topics cover all areas related to external and internal, steady and unsteady aerodynamics including:

  • Aerodynamics of airfoils, wings, wing/fuselage interactions, nacelles, etc., including effects of contamination by ice, fluids, surface roughness, etc
  • Aerodynamic design of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, propellers, future aircraft configurations, etc
  • Turbomachinery aerothermodynamics and design, compressors, combustors, turbines, etc
  • Internal aerodynamics, engine inlets/exhaust ducts, mixers/environmental impact
  • Unsteady aerodynamics, vortical flows, aircraft wake-vortex dynamics including DES, LES and DNS
  • Non-aeronautical aerodynamics, wind effects on structures, surface vehicle aerodynamics, wind turbines, etc
  • Turbulence, stability and transition
  • Experimental aerodynamics methods and test facilities
  • Aerodynamic optimization and uncertainty analysis methods; Multidisciplinary Analysis/MDO
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics as applied to any of the above, including surfacemodeling and grid generation

Upcoming Activities


G.N. Patterson Award

The G.N. Patterson Award will be presented for the best paper within the Aerodynamics Symposium of AERO 2019 with a graduate or undergraduate student as lead author. Students must indicate their status and affiliation. Co-authors must provide a statement indicating their level of contribution and that of the student.

Upcoming Activities


Aerodynamics Forum

The Aerodynamics Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Section

Chair: Dr. Behnam Ashrafi |Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre | National Research Council Canada

Co-Chair: Dr. Javad Gholipour | Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre | National Research Council Canada

Section topics cover all areas related to the manufacturing of aerostructures and aero engines, including:

  • Advanced material removal technologies
  • Composites manufacturing, joining and repair
  • Metallic structures manufacturing, joining and repair
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Process automation/robotization
  • Real-time diagnostics and quality control
  • Structural assembly

Upcoming Activities


Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Forum

The Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Aerospace Structures & Materials Section

Chair: Mr. Javad Gholipour Baradari, MCASI

The success of the Canadian aerospace industry has been based on imaginative application of existing and emerging technologies, international collaboration, and innovative management of design, manufacture, and life cycle support. Sustainability has become a key driver in the development of aerospace structures and materials.

Section topics cover all areas related to aircraft structures and materials, UAV/UAS and space systems including relevant aspects of landing gear and propulsion systems:

  • Developments in light alloys, superalloys, coatings, and composite materials
  • Materials design and manufacturing concepts
  • Structural design and integrity concepts, health monitoring, life cycle management
  • Assessment of loads, static strength, fatigue life, damage tolerance, WFD
  • Assessment of the effects of corrosion, environment, fretting, impact damage
  • Aeroacoustics and structural dynamics
  • Modelling, simulation, probabilistic methods, risk assessments
  • Experimental methods and test facilities
  • Maintenance, non-destructive inspection, repair technologies
  • Component life enhancement technologies
  • Reduction of environmental risk and cost
  • Fleet life extension and life estimation technologies
  • Regulatory requirements, certification programs

Upcoming Activities


Aerospace Structures & Materials Forum

The Aerospace Structures & Materials Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Aircraft Design & Development Section

Chair: Ruxandra Botez | Professor of Automated Production Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies | Research Laboratory in Active Controls, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity (LARCASE) | École de technologie supérieure, Montreal

Section topics cover all areas related to aircraft design, development and certification including:

  • Integrated product development: new aircraft projects, development processes involving risk sharing partners, multiple corporations and countries
  • Innovative and unconventional aircraft: V/STOLs, SSTs, UAVs, tilt rotors and other vehicles configurations
  • Design automation and optimization: the influence of MDO, CFD, FEM, ASE and CAD techniques have on the global aircraft design
  • Aircraft systems and testing (non-propulsion): environmental control, auto flight, avionics and flight deck, electrical, flight controls, fuel, hydraulics, landing gear, description of integrated systems test rigs, etc.
  • Design-to- cost and value engineering: innovative practices that promote the enhancement of productivity and achieve significant program cost rationalization
  • Implementation of new technologies: effective integration of emerging architectures and hardware, i.e. fly-by- wire, etc; the more electric aircraft
  • Aircraft design education: university programs, new electronic media, novel education initiatives

Upcoming Activities


Aircraft Design & Development Forum

The Aircraft Design & Development Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Astronautics Section

We are looking for a new ASTRO Section Chair. If you are interested, please see the newsletter.

Chair: Christian Lange | Deputy, Exploration Strategic Planning, Space Exploration | Canadian Space Agency/Government of Canada, Montreal

Section topics cover all areas related to astronautics including:

  • Astrobiology
  • Advances in space technologies
  • Defence-based space systems, applications, and operations
  • Space physical and microgravity sciences
  • Space life sciences and human factors
  • Space optics, sensors, and instruments
  • Space robotics/rover systems and applications
  • Sub-orbital platforms
  • Satellite communications
  • Assembly, integration and testing
  • Micro- and nanosatellites
  • Missions in progress or proposed
  • Commercial/entrepreneurial space
  • Planetary science and exploration
  • Earth observation and remote sensing technologies and applications
  • Space-based traffic management
  • Space-based astronomy
  • Space policy, space law, space history
  • Space debris – tracking and mitigation
  • Space resource exploitation
  • Public engagement and outreach, space art and culture

J. Saber Award and CASI Best Student Paper Award

The J. Saber Award will be presented for the best oral or interactive presentation by any author, and the CASI Best Student Paper Award will recognize the best oral or interactive presentation by a student.

Upcoming Activities


Astronautics Forum

The Astronautics Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Flight Test & Flight Operations Section

Chair: Malcolm Imray | Team Leader – Aircraft Support Group | National Research Council

Section topics include atmospheric and space flight testing and operations reflecting the integration of technology elements covered in depth by other CASI technical sections but focusing on the operations aspects of the flight vehicle. Examples include:

  • Operator training to address emerging technology developments in navigation, UAS, emerging novel new aircraft and commercial civil space flight
  • Changes in airspace management
  • Introduction of UAS operations in myriad applications
  • Safety issues in commercial, military and flight test operations
  • Operational aspects of ground and in-flight icing
  • Canadian challenges such as northern/Arctic and seaplane flight operations

Those interested in the Section are encouraged to contact the Section Chair.

Upcoming Activities


Flight Test & Flight Operations Forum

The Flight Test & Flight Operations Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Human Factors & Training Section

Chair: Philippe Doyon-Poulin | Engineer, human factors, Human factors – Flight deck design | Bombardier Aéronautique

Our understanding of interactions among humans and technical elements of aviation systems has progressed considerably in recent years, especially in the areas of theories, data acquisition, and methodologies to decrease both manifest and latent human errors and to enhance overall aviation system performance.

Section topics cover all areas related to relevant to the human factor aspects of aviation systems, including:

  • Human-technology interface capabilities and limitations, e.g. UAV, UAS.
  • Human Factors in UAV/UAS operations
  • Human performance issues related to aviation safety, threat and error management
  • Human/organizational factors in the design process
  • Human factors as they relate to or influence:

- error reduction strategies

- the central design process

- the design of simulation environments

- new technologies: RNAV, VNAV, GLS, EFB, enhanced vision, heads-up displays

- considerations in maintenance error reduction

- the regulatory process: a manufacturer’s perspective

- materials design and manufacturing

- modeling, simulation, and risk management

- fatigue management

- aviation accident investigations

- situational awareness

  • Human factors methods and competencies
  • Human factors standardization and certification

Upcoming Activities


Human Factors & Training Forum

The Human Factors & Training Forum is open to all CASI Members.

Propulsion Section

Chair: James Crone | Senior Manager Business Development | Military and Special Programs | Pratt & Whitney Canada, Montreal

The success of the Canadian aerospace sector depends on imaginative application of existing and emerging technologies, international collaboration and innovative management of design, manufacturing and life cycle support.

Section topics cover all areas related to aircraft propulsion technologies including:

  • Environmental issues: ash, sand, noise, emissions
  • New system, component and sensor technology:

- combustion, aerodynamics, controls

- rocket and high-speed applications

  • Innovative cycles for improved efficiency
  • Integration of propulsion systems into vehicles
  • Diagnostics, prognostics and health management
  • Durability, reliability and life cycle management
  • Experience: operation, qualification, certification

Upcoming Activities


Propulsion Forum

The Propulsion Forum is open to all CASI Members.

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