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JeremyWangPic2017Jeremy Chan-Hao Wang is an aspiring “leader-engineer” and young entrepreneur whose mission is to apply aerospace innovation and leadership development to enable the future.  A self-starter and learner, Jeremy thrives on meaningful challenges. He has held various roles as part of more than 15 drone, rocket, and satellite R&D projects since 2012, securing $45M+ in funding and winning 30+ Canadian and global awards for technical, business, social impact, and leadership excellence.

As CTO for The Sky Guys and its advanced R&D subsidiary Defiant Labs, Jeremy spearheads innovation focused on seamless integration of drones, the cloud, and AI analytics to help clients in heavy industry and security.

Jeremy’s foray into aerospace began in high school as a research assistant on vision-based aircraft collision avoidance at York University. Since then, Jeremy has designed next-gen rocket nozzles for the German space agency, served for four years with the University of Toronto Aerospace Team, designed and facilitated leadership development workshops at the University of Toronto Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering, and published multiple papers on aerospace tech and policy.

Jeremy is a fourth-year BASc Engineering Science candidate at the University of Toronto, and was selected as one of Canada’s “The Next 36” in 2016. When not immersed in aerospace, start-ups, or leadership education, Jeremy loves to read, write, eat, and relax with friends and family.