Apply for the Elvie L. Smith Scholarship for 2017  – Deadline is March 31!

BCooper1Brittney Cooper
, our 2016 winner, is a 4th year undergraduate student at York University, completing an Honours Bachelor of Science double majoring in Atmospheric Science and Astronomy. She’s worked as a research assistant for Dr. John Moores since beginning her studies at York, analyzing planetary atmospheres within the Solar System. With a great interest in aviation she joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets when she was 12, earned her glider pilot license at the age of 16 and her private pilot license at 17.

She has two years experience working with the 60 and 40 cm telescopes at the York Astronomical Observatory. She has gained practical knowledge working with a Lidar and Raman Spectrometer setup for atmospheric data acquisition for a physics research course. She was also awarded the 2014 NSERC CREATE undergraduate grant, in partnership with Western Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, and the Canadian Space Agency.