The Ottawa CASI Branch October meeting (drifted in November to accommodate academic break) will be presenting Development and Certification Flight Testing of Fire Fighting Aircraft in Canada by Jim Martin, Strangford Aviation Consulting Services Inc.

novmeetingimage1Abstract: Wildlife fires continue to be an environmental, property and personal safety threat. Canada has been a leading force in the development of firefighting aircraft to assist in wildfire containment and suppression. The presentation will provide a brief overview of the historical development of firefighting aircraft and describe some of the flight testing and certification challenges encountered in the conversion of civil transport airliners to firefighting aircraft such as the Fokker F-27 and the BAE RJ-85, as well as the development of the amphibious CL-215T/CL-415 special purpose water bomber.

Location: Carleton University – Canal Building, Room 3400, Ottawa ON
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Date: November 1, 2017.

Limited spaces preferred for CASI members but guests invited. RSVP to Jeff Bird