Section: Human Factors

Chair: Philippe Doyon-Poulin
Engineer, human factors, Human factors – Flight deck design
Bombardier Aéronautique

Our understanding of interactions among humans and technical elements of aviation systems has progressed considerably in recent years, especially in the areas of theories, data acquisition, and methodologies to decrease both manifest and latent human errors and to enhance overall aviation system performance.

Section topics cover all areas related to relevant to the human factor aspects of aviation systems, including:
• Human-technology interface capabilities and limitations, e.g. UAV, UAS.
• Human Factors in UAV/UAS operations
• Human performance issues related to aviation safety, threat and error management
• Human/organizational factors in the design process
• Human factors as they relate to or influence:

  • error reduction strategies
  • the central design process
  • the design of simulation environments
  • new technologies: RNAV, VNAV, GLS, EFB, enhanced vision, heads-up displays
  • considerations in maintenance error reduction
  • the regulatory process: a manufacturer’s perspective
  • materials design and manufacturing
  • modeling, simulation, and risk management
  • fatigue management
  • aviation accident investigations
  • situational awareness

• Human factors methods and competencies

• Human factors standardization and certification

Upcoming Activities

CASI AERO 2019 – 5th Human Factors Symposium