Section: Astronautics

We are looking for a new ASTRO Section Chair. If you are interested, please see the following newsletter.

Chair: Christian Lange
Deputy, Exploration Strategic Planning, Space Exploration
Canadian Space Agency/Government of Canada, Montreal

Section topics cover all areas related to astronautics including:
• Astrobiology
• Advances in space technologies
• Defence-based space systems, applications, and operations
• Space physical and microgravity sciences
• Space life sciences and human factors
• Space optics, sensors, and instruments
• Space robotics/rover systems and applications
• Sub-orbital platforms
• Satellite communications
• Assembly, integration and testing
• Micro- and nanosatellites
• Missions in progress or proposed
• Commercial/entrepreneurial space
• Planetary science and exploration
• Earth observation and remote sensing technologies and applications
• Space-based traffic management
• Space-based astronomy
• Space policy, space law, space history
• Space debris – tracking and mitigation
• Space resource exploitation
• Public engagement and outreach, space art and culture

Upcoming activities

CASI ASTRO 2018 – 18th Astronautics Conference

J Saber Award and CASI Best Student Paper Award

The J. Saber Award will be presented for the best oral or interactive presentation by any author, and the CASI Best Student Paper Award will recognize the best oral or interactive presentation by a student.