Section: Aircraft Design and Development

Chair: Ruxandra Botez
Professor of Automated Production Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies
Research Laboratory in Active Controls, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity (LARCASE)
École de technologie supérieure, Montreal

Section topics cover all areas related to aircraft design, development and certification including:

• Integrated product development: new aircraft projects, development processes involving risk sharing partners, multiple corporations and countries
• Innovative and unconventional aircraft: V/STOLs, SSTs, UAVs, tilt rotors and other vehicles configurations
• Design automation and optimization: the influence of MDO, CFD, FEM, ASE and CAD techniques have on the global aircraft design
• Aircraft systems and testing (non-propulsion): environmental control, auto flight, avionics and flight deck, electrical, flight controls, fuel, hydraulics, landing gear, description of integrated systems test rigs, etc.
• Design-to- cost and value engineering: innovative practices that promote the enhancement of productivity and achieve significant program cost rationalization
• Implementation of new technologies: effective integration of emerging architectures and hardware, i.e. fly-by- wire, etc; the more electric aircraft
• Aircraft design education: university programs, new electronic media, novel education initiatives

Upcoming Activities

CASI AERO 2019 – 63rd Aircraft Design and Development Symposium