Section: Aerodynamics

Chair: Sandrine De Jesus Mota
Engineering – Flight Simulation
Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal

Section topics cover all areas related to external and internal, steady and unsteady aerodynamics including:
• Aerodynamics of airfoils, wings, wing/fuselage interactions, nacelles, etc., including effects of contamination by ice, fluids, surface roughness, etc
• Aerodynamic design of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, propellers, future aircraft configurations, etc
• Turbomachinery aerothermodynamics and design, compressors, combustors, turbines, etc
• Internal aerodynamics, engine inlets/exhaust ducts, mixers/environmental impact
• Unsteady aerodynamics, vortical flows, aircraft wake-vortex dynamics including DES, LES and DNS
• Non-aeronautical aerodynamics, wind effects on struc-tures, surface vehicle aerodynamics, wind turbines, etc
• Turbulence, stability and transition
• Experimental aerodynamics methods and test facilities
• Aerodynamic optimization and uncertainty analysis methods; Multidisciplinary Analysis/MDO
• Computational Fluid Dynamics as applied to any of the above, including surfacemodeling and grid generation

Upcoming Activities

CASI AERO 2019 – 18th Aerodynamics Symposium

G.N. Patterson Award

The G.N. Patterson Award will be presented for the best paper within the Aerodynamics Symposium of AERO 2019 with a graduate or undergraduate student as lead author. Students must indicate their status and affiliation. Co-authors must provide a statement indicating their level of contribution and that of the student.