Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society


The Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society (CACTS) is a constituent society of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI). Under the CASI parent organization, its purpose is to serve the air cushion technology community (hovercraft). The CACTS, although small in numbers, still plays a a dominant role within the Canadian and world hovercraft community. Nevertheless, the Society is seeking ways to broaden its mandate to continue to provide a meaningful technical focus and means of dissemination of air cushion technology information through national symposia and the publication of papers in the respected technical journal (Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal) from time to time. The CACTS is a scientific and technical society dedicated to advancement of the art, science, technologies and applications of air cushion technology, through:

  • The provision of facilities for the exchange of information among members, particularly with regard to hovercraft and related technologies;
  • The holding of period national and international navigation symposia, and other special meetings, for the presentation and discussion of scientific research, technologies, applications methodologies, manufacturing, operations and other technical subjects relating to hovercraft;
  • The promotion of the publication of papers on all subjects relating to hovercraft and related technologies; and
  • The promotion of the exchange of information between the Society and other organizations having interests in hovercraft.

Society Chair: TBC