Constituent Societies

CASI is home to two special interest groups that are constituent societies: the Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society and the Canadian Navigation Society. Members of CASI may opt to be affiliated with any of these, or may choose to remain with the umbrella designation of being a member of CASI. Members of both Societies are administered as an integral part of the CASI Membership, but are targeted for material related to their special interest.

All Societies have similar structures for governance, as all are governed by an elected Executive Coucil, which consists of at least a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past-Chair as well as the CASI Executive Director (ex officio). Executive members are responsible for the promotion of Society objectives and interests within their region. Any voting member in good standing with an interest in the subject matter covered by the Society may be elected to any one of the positions on the Society Executive Council. Chairs of each Society sit on CASI Council to represent their special interest constituency.