The Charles Luttman Scholarship

The Charles Luttman Scholarship is awarded in recognition and honour of the outstanding and unique contributions made by Charles Luttman to the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute from its inception through its first twenty years. He was the first Secretary (now called the Executive Director) of CASI, a position which draws on the British tradition of being the “heart and soul” of the Institute itself. He built the foundation of the Institute on a belief in technical achievement, a commitment to professional ethics and an instinct for natural fellowship.

In recognition of these qualities, the Charles Luttman Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is following a post-secondary degree or diploma course recognized by the Institute. The course shall be related in a clear way to the ‘flight’ aspects of aerospace studies. The student shall have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and involvement in any area of student affairs, and excellence in communication and organizational skills.

To be eligible for the Charles Luttman Scholarship, the nominee must be in the next-to-last year of undergraduate studies in the year he or she receives the scholarship, be a Canadian citizen, and be a student member in good standing of CASI.

The Award has a monetary value of $3,000.00 as determined by CASI Council.

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Eligibility Criteria

General – Nominee must be a Canadian citizen and a student member in good standing of CASI.

Student must be entering the next-to-last year of undergraduate studies in the year the student receives the scholarship.

Nomination Procedure

The student should provide a short outline of his or her activities and accomplishments in each of three areas: technical achievement, leadership and involvement in student affairs, and communication and organizational skills. A statement about the goals the student has set for him(her)self should be included. Also required are three supporting narratives from faculty or community leaders, which should emphasize the student’s achievements.


2018 Winner – David Giroux – Carleton University

2017 Winner – Jeff Hough – Carleton University

2016 Winner – Lauren Reid – University of Toronto