The McCurdy Award

The McCurdy Award was introduced in 1954 by the Institute of Aircraft Technicians, one of the aeronautical groups that amalgamated to form the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute. The award commemorates the many engineering and other contributions made by John A.D. McCurdy during the first stages of the development of an aviation industry in North America.

The award is presented for outstanding achievement in the science and creative aspects of engineering relating to aeronautics and space research. The achievement must constitute the most significant contribution made in recent years toward the advancement of science and technology in aeronautics and space exploration, and must be worthy of special recognition. The contribution may be administrative in nature, but it must be directly related to science and technology, and have been sustained over a number of years at an imaginative and creative level above that which would normally be considered a competent and successful performance. The recipient shall have been a Canadian citizen at the time the contribution was made.

Past Recipients

David Reist, winner of the 2017 McCurdy Trophy (photo: MJMendes)

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Nomination Form

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