Senior Awards

Senior Awards

Thank you to everyone who nominated, endorsed and was one of the nominees for 2017. We are happy to announce our winners for this year’s awards in the Press Release below. 

CASI recognizes outstanding achievement by Canadians in aeronautics, space and remote sensing by means of its Senior Awards.  Canadians working in these areas have achieved international distinction and acclaim over the years and the Institute is committed to ensuring that their accomplishments enjoy wide recognition.

The criteria for each Award, and the list of past recipients, can be found under each award listed in the menu above.

Perhaps you know someone, or a team of individuals, who may qualify for one of our Senior Awards.  If you do, please consider taking on the leadership role – be the ‘champion’ – for the nomination.

The nomination should respond to the criteria for the Award you have in mind and should highlight relevant aspects of the career and accomplishments of the candidate(s). The information provided should include testimonials from several people who have direct knowledge of the career and accomplishments of the candidate.  The strength of a nomination increases with the number and stature of people endorsing it.

You will find a complete list of the Awards and Scholarships and their criteria, lists of past recipients, and nomination forms on our website.

Deadline and information for the next awards will be announced soon.

To submit nomination documents or if you have any questions or would like some assistance with a particular nomination, please contact us at