CASI Senior Awards

Part of the mission of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute is “To foster national pride and international esteem for Canada’s accomplishments in aeronautics, space and related applications.” One way we do this is by conferring our Senior Awards during the CASI Senior Awards Gala Dinner.

CASI’s Senior Awards Committee is tasked with recommending recipients for each of CASI’s prestigious awards for the approval of Council. The criteria for each Award, nomination forms and a list of past recipients, can be found below.

Perhaps you know someone, or a team of individuals, who may qualify for one of our Senior Awards. If you do, please consider taking on the leadership role – be the ‘champion’ – for the nomination.


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Senior Awards Nominations

The nomination should respond to the criteria for the Award you have in mind and should highlight relevant aspects of the career and accomplishments of the candidate(s). The information provided should include testimonials from several people who have direct knowledge of the career and accomplishments of the candidate.  Bear in mind that the strength of a nomination increases with the number and stature of people endorsing it.

To submit nomination documents or if you have any questions or would like some assistance with a particular nomination, please contact us at

Thank you for working with us to identify and recognize the outstanding achievements of Canadians in aeronautics and space.

Past Recipients