Share Your Enthusiasm!

A program for members to encourage friends and colleagues to join CASI

CASI is calling on its members to encourage their friends and colleagues to become CASI members in a new program called Share Your Enthusiasm. For every new member recruited, both the current and new member will have a chance to win a gift card from Tim Hortons.

When we grow our membership, more people enjoy the benefits the organization provides, from professional development and networking opportunities to recognition and mentorship. As we grow, you and your fellow CASI members will enjoy an even broader network of like-minded peers and we will be able to strengthen member benefits.

The more people who join because of you – the better your chances to win!

For every new member who joins thanks to you, your name and your recruit’s name are entered into a monthly draw for a chance to win a $30 Tim Hortons gift card. Plus, you and the person you recruit will be recognized on social media. We’ve even created a hashtag for you to use when you’ve successfully brought in a new #CASImember. CASI will post to Twitter and Facebook as well as make mention of your success in the CASI Clipper and on the CASI website.

How Do I Recruit a new CASI member?

While a face to face meeting can be impactful, sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow it. A personalized email also can be effective.  Just be sure your colleague includes your name as a reference so you’ll both be entered into the draw for a Timmies gift card.

Share Your Enthusiasm toolbox


We’ve made it easy and convenient for you. Download the attachments and get started recruiting new members.

  • Personalize the Share_Your_Enthusiasm_email by adding their name and your signature in the spaces provided
  • Attach the CASI_fillable_registration_form mentioned in the email
  • The email contains a link to the CASI website for easy on-line registration and payment options
  • Attach the CASI_Brochure for added information about the organization
  • Perhaps reference one of the programs mentioned in the brochure that might be of particular interest to your colleague
  • Send the email to as many people as you like. Just remember to personalize each one
  • You will receive notification of every new member you recruit and your names will be entered in the monthly draw

Use your name as a reference

Your colleagues and friends must enter your name in the reference box of the registration form in order for you to get credit for recruiting them. You can start recruiting new members today—the more members you recruit, the more you will be rewarded!

Remember these details

  • The new recruit must complete a CASI application form – either online or by using the fillable pdf
  • It is very important they indicate your name as a reference on the application form
  • The new recruit must pay their dues and be accepted as a new CASI member
  • You will receive notification and your names will be entered in the monthly draw
  • Share your good news on CASI’s Twitter feed and Facebook page. For every new member who joins thanks to you, we encourage you to tweet it out using the hashtag #CASImember



Contact the member services team at or 613-591-8787

For you to receive credit for recruiting a new member through this program, your friend or colleague must become an approved CASI member per the CASI guidelines and pay applicable dues. CASI dues are pro-rated based on the month a member joins. Annual dues are as follows: working professional $90, senior and retired $60; student $35.