Benefits of Membership

Joining the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute is your fast track to:

  • Career advancement
  • Networking
  • Professional development
  • Education
  • Recognition
  • CASI Connect (Mentorship program)

CASI is a non-profit scientific and technical organization for people interested in aeronautics, space and remote sensing. Among its many benefits, CASI provides an international network of contacts and access to a wealth of technical and professional information.

CASI Members also enjoy full access to our electronic publications: the Canadian Aeronautics & Space Journal, and the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing.

Why join CASI?

By joining CASI you are supporting a national organization that embraces and supports all facets of aeronautics, space and remote sensing in Canada.

As a person interested in these areas, your membership in CASI offers you many advantages as you prepare yourself for a career, advance along your chosen career path as a professional, and continue to stay in touch with your profession and your colleagues after your retirement.

Participating in CASI will enrich your life. Moreover, your involvement will enhance the enjoyment and the benefits others derive from their membership in CASI.

We look forward to welcoming you into the one Canadian organization that represents the interests of people active in aeronautics, space and remote sensing in Canada – the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute.


CASI is structured to reflect your interests. When you join CASI you may choose to affiliate with one of our special interest Sections:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Structures and Materials
  • Aircraft Design and Development
  • Astronautics
  • Flight Mechanics and Operations
  • Propulsion

Or you may decide to join CASI through membership in one of our Constituent Societies:

  • Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society
  • Canadian Navigation Society


Each member is assigned to one of the CASI Branches located in major cities across Canada. Some Branches are hosted by universities or colleges and cater particularly to the needs of students.

While Branch activities vary, each has a program of regular meetings, invited speakers, site visits and social events. These Branch meetings provide an excellent opportunity for professional development and networking.


CASI holds workshops, conferences and symposia each year that draw delegates from Canada and around the world. These events offer members a way to stay in touch with each other and with leading developments in their fields of interest, while focusing a spotlight on the achievements of the event participants and their organizations.

All CASI events seek to maximize participation by students – by keeping registration fees as low as possible, providing special student programs, and by offering student volunteers a role in the organization of the event.

CASI members also enjoy the lighter side of life. On a national scale, our annual glider and rocketry competitions and our golf tournament complement the tours, dinners, picnics and other social activities hosted by individual Branches.


As a member of CASI you will receive access to both peer-review scientific electronic journals we publish.

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal has been continuously published for over 50 years and covers a wide range of aerospace-related topics. The Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing is one of the top journals of its kind in the world, and is listed in the Science Citation Index.

Members also receive the CASI Log, our printed quarterly newsletter that contains news and articles about, contributed by and intended for fellow members, and the CASI Clipper, an electronic newsletter that informs our members and corporate partners about what is going in the aeronautics, space, and remote sensing communities. It also provides frequent updates regarding CASI conferences, events, Branch meetings and other activities.


CASI is an association of professionals and membership is graded to reflect career progression, from Junior Member to Fellow.

CASI confers awards each year to recognize achievement in a variety of disciplines including aviation and air operations, engineering research and development, leadership in policy making and planning, space endeavours, and remote sensing. CASI also awards two scholarships each year to outstanding university students.

Presenting papers at CASI conferences, delivering programs at Branch meetings, and serving on CASI committees are other ways your membership in CASI will bring you professional and personal recognition.