Mannarino Systems & Software Inc. (MANNARINO) is very proud to announce that it has been authorized as a Design Approval Organization (DAO) for Airborne Software (RTCA/DO-178) and Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH) (RTCA/DO-254) by the National Aircraft Certification Branch of Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA).

This authorization will allow MANNARINO to exercise its delegated functions in the approval process of Airborne Software and AEH products developed either by MANNARINO or any other organization. As such, the MANNARINO DAO can provide service to any aerospace OEM in support of obtaining TCCA approval for airborne software and AEH products.  MANNARINO is the first service company to obtain DAO authorization for these products in Canada.

MANNARINO is an engineering services company with significant expertise in the development, verification and certification/approvals of systems, software and electronic hardware for safety-critical applications, most notably in the aerospace industry.  Our airborne development experience covers a broad range of products including navigation, engine controls, health & usage monitoring systems, displays and aerial refuelling systems. Our aerospace Electronic Equipment Design Assurance (EEDA) expertise is also quite significant with certification experience comprising most airborne systems including highly-critical fly-by-wire flight controls.

We are extremely proud to have been awarded this authorization by Transport Canada.  This award is a testament to the excellence and depth of our engineering/computer science team and is in line with our core vision of delivering services of the highest quality and integrity to all our customers.  It is an honour to be the first service-based, airborne software and AEH DAO not only in Canada, but to the best of our knowledge, the first within North America and Europe. I would like to thank Transport Canada for their close collaboration on this project.  I believe this project is a testament to the progressiveness of our national certification authority in Canada who we will now proudly serve as a DAO,” said John Mannarino, President and Founder of MANNARINO and now also DAO Chairman.

“The DAO is a natural extension of the great services that the team at MANNARINO have been delivering for many years. MANNARINO will now continue to serve Canadian industry and Transport Canada with outstanding technical services all within the framework and structure of a DAO. This will allow MANNARINO to grow as an organization and continually improve its design approval/assurance specialists and processes,” said Amanda Melles, Chief Airworthiness Computer Scientist for the MANNARINO DAO.

John Mannarino added, “I am looking forward to putting our DAO to great use in serving Transport Canada as well as the aerospace companies seeking to obtain Transport Canada certification and approval of their products.  The MANNARINO team will help customers efficiently obtain their certifications/approvals by providing technically excellent design approval services, we will offer more turnkey services to our customers by developing and approving airborne software and AEH products and we will take a lead role in the development and evolution of the aerospace industry’s certification standards and guidance.  There are great opportunities ahead for MANNARINO and the aerospace industry – we are eager and pleased to be able to provide services to our customers and now directly to our national certification authority.”  – Mannarino Systems & Sofware Inc