General Information

CASI offers its members the opportunity to affiliate with one of several interest groups within the Institute, called Sections. These are Aerodynamics, Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Aerospace Structures and Materials, Aircraft Design and Development, Astronautics, Human Factors and Propulsion. Each has a Chair and a small executive responsible for organizing the activities of the Section.

The principal activity of a Section is to organize its participation in the appropriate biannual conference – the CASI ASTRO conference for the Astronautics Section, and our AERO conference for the other six Sections. A Section may also cater to the interests of its members by organizing meetings, workshops, social events etc.

Every Section is dedicated to advancement of the art, science, technologies and applications of aerodynamics, through:

  • The provision of facilities for the exchange of information among members, particularly with regard to aerodynamics and related technologies
  • The holding of periodic symposia, and other special meetings, for the presentation and discussion of scientific research, technologies, applications methodologies, operations and other technical subjects relating to aerodynamics
  • The promotion of the publication of papers on all subjects relating to aerodynamics and related technologies; an
  • The promotion of the exchange of information between the Section of other organizations having similar interests.

The Section Chair has two principal responsibilities: to lead the participation of the Section in the relevant conference, and to coordinate other Section activities. The normal term (renewable once) for a Chair is two years.

The incumbent has a seat on the governing body of CASI (our ‘Board’) called the Council. The level of effort expected of the Chair is 3-5 hours per month.

If you would be interested to get involved in a Section executive role, please get in touch with CASI HQ. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

Terms of Reference

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