More #DontLetGoCanada Information

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, MDA’s Mike Greenley (Group President) and Holly Johnson (President’s Business Manager) will launch the Canadian Club of Ottawa’s fall season, with a speech entitled “Securing Canada's Place in Space”. The luncheon will take place in the Château Laurier – Ballroom. Finally, the Canadian [...]

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The Universe Needs More Canada #DontLetGoCanada

In Canada, we celebrate our differences, embrace our vibrant cultural mosaic, and try to take care of each other. And we’re (usually) pretty low key about our achievements. But, did you know Canada was the 3rd country in space, the 1st to have a satellite telecommunications system, and 1st to have an operational and commercially-focused [...]

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International Lunar Observatory Association 100-word Essay Contest

INTRODUCTION: The first men walked upon the Moon in 1969. Since then, 61 women from multiple nations have traveled into Space. Several countries are now actively aiming for the Moon, including a Human Return to the Moon. The First Woman to the Moon is walking among us. GRAND PRIZE: Winner will attend all sessions, ceremonies [...]

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First Avro Arrow free-flight model recovered from Lake Ontario

The “Raise the Arrow” team announced Monday that the first historic relic of the Avro Arrow free-flight program has been recovered. It was delivered back to land at CFB Trenton on August 13, 2018 after resting on the bed of Lake Ontario for over 64 years, the group noted on its Facebook page.   The [...]

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An Avro Arrow hunt: Aviation relic gets scrub down in Ottawa

With dental scalers and tweezers in hand, government conservators scrape and pluck zebra mussel detritus from a talismanic piece of Canadian aviation history. Their painstaking work — there are thousands of hair-like filaments that have to be removed — is part of a federal effort to preserve what looks like a small rocket ship. Bent [...]

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Coming Soon – The New CASI Website!

We are working hard to bring you the next CASI website. Watch your email for an official launch message over the next few weeks!

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Aviation Career Portal – FlyCanada

The Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) is chipping in $50,000 towards addressing the aviation and aerospace labour shortage, and it is calling on industry donors to match that amount. The new website will be a hub that educates and informs young people, as well as their parents and advisors, about aviation careers. Read [...]

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Call for 2019 CASI Senior Awards Nominations

Do you know someone who you would like to nominate for one of the 2019 Senior Awards? Nomination Forms and full criteria are now available for each of the following awards: C.D. Howe Award McCurdy Award Trans-Canada (McKee) Trophy Roméo Vachon Award You can also download, print and distribute the 2019 Call for Senior Awards [...]

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Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) recap

As it launched into the blue, cloud-streaked sky over Farnborough International Airport in mid-July, the aircraft formerly known as Bombardier’s C Series CS300 seemed to blend in as much as it stood out. It was just days removed from a major rebrand, after Airbus’ controlling stake in the C Series took effect on July 1, [...]

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Corporate Partner News from CAE

CAE poised to revolutionize pilot, aircrew and healthcare professional training by investing C$1 billion over five years in innovation - Ambitious new project to help position CAE, Québec and Canada as leaders in digital technology. CAE today announced that it will be investing C$1 billion over the next five years in innovation to stay at the [...]

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