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November 15, 2017


Deep Space and how the Canadian Space Agency is planning for the next step in human exploration
with Pierre Jean, the Canadian Space Agency’s Director Space Exploration Strategic Planning.

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An Overview of the Deep Space Gateway

The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), composed of fifteen nations, has published the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER) which describes the roadmap for “collaborative space exploration missions beginning with the International Space Station (ISS) and continuing to the Moon, near-Earth asteroids, and Mars.” The five ISS partners, United States (NASA), Canada (CSA), Japan (JAXA), European Space Agency, and Russia (Roscosmos), already members of the ISECG, have capitalised on their existing relationship within the ISS program, to define a “first step” in the overall vision set out in the GER. This first step, now referred to as the Deep Space Gateway (DSG), will be an orbiting, human-tended habitat that will serve as a gateway for the exploration of the Moon and for human space travel deeper into space and ultimately to Mars. The DSG, although the product of discussions between ISS partners, will serve to also catalyze other nations to consider participation in future steps leading to humans on Mars.

The webinar presented an overview of the Deep Space Gateway and its conceptual design.  An overview of activities being undertaken by the Canadian Space Agency to study Canada’s potential participation in this next step in human space exploration were also be summarized.




Pierre Jean_Bio and CSA website


June 22, 2017

Formal Glenn_resized

Northern Canada’s Aviation Infrastructure: Research And Development Opportunities
with Glenn Priestley, Executive Director of the Northern Air Transport Association (NATA)

Canada’s north is a vast, sometimes inhospitable territory for air travelers and operators alike. For 40 years NATA has been at the forefront of the development and progress of this unique part of our country.

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Glenn Priestley bio and NATA website





May 3, 2017

Grant_cool_websize_flippedThe Hybrid Airship Revolution – A Hot Topic for Dr. Cool
with Dr. Grant Cool, COO of Hybrid Enterprises LLC.

Dr. Grant Cool was live on location from the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton sharing his insight and knowledge on hybrid airships – the future of global transportation.

Grant Cool is the Chief Operating Officer of Hybrid Enterprises LLC, the worldwide exclusive reseller of Lockheed Martin’s Hybrid Airships.

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Grant Cool bio and Hybrid Enterprises website


February 21, 2017



Around the dial: The Evolution of Human Factors in Aviation
with Dr. John Maris, President of Marinvent.

Doctorate and test pilot specializations in Human Factors and CASI Fellow, John Maris gives us a light-hearted look at the evolution of human factors in aviation.


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John_Maris_bio and Marinvent website