CASI Ottawa Branch and Carleton CMAS Event

Flying, Aeronautics and Aerobatics- Demonstrations and Paper Airplane Contest

By Paul Penna with Members of the Ottawa remote control clubs and the Carleton Mechanical and Aerospace Society

sept meeting 2017 image

Thursday September 28th 6 PM to 8 PM
Meet and Greet: 6 PM
Presentation begins at 6:10 PM
Flying Demonstrations begin until about 715 PM
Paper Airplane Contest until 8 pm

Indoors at the Carleton University Field House

The Fieldhouse is located near the Bronson Avenue perimeter of Carleton University.  Pay-and-Display parking is adjacent to the Fieldhouse, Lot P5.  Refer to the map of the campus at:

The Fieldhouse is labelled “FH” on the map.  From Parking Lot P5, enter the facility at the main doors between “FH” and building “AC” on the map.

Following the successful family event of flying and aerodynamics/controls demonstrations last year, come see and understand the skills, engineering and technology of small radio controlled aircraft with flying demos of basic and aerobatic maneuvers.  Small Lithium-Polymer batteries and highly integrated electronic circuits have made it possible to power and control small Radio-Controlled model aircraft with propellers driven by brushless electric motors.

This month, our Branch Meeting will be at the indoor soccer facility of Carleton University’s Fieldhouse which provides the perfect environment to fly such delicate RC model aircraft and helicopters.  The meeting will consist of a short “show and tell” talk that will explain the aeronautical and radio technology used in these models, with attendees gathered around our speaker on the indoor soccer field.  Our speaker will have a number of these models on hand for inspection.  Then it will be time to see some flight demonstrations on the field.  The wing spans of these models range from 20 to 60 cm, so it is quite impressive to see such a model perform take-offs and landings along with simple aerobatics.


Fold and Fly Contest: Followed by a chance for you to compete in a friendly competition for flight distance and duration with folded paper airplanes that you make on site.

Families with older children are encouraged to attend.

Limited availability so CASI members will be given preference.