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Space Apps Challenge 2017: A first for the CSA

From April 28 to 30, participants in Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo joined developers, designers, students, engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to create original applications during NASA's 2017 Space Apps Challenge. The Space Apps Challenge is an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world. Participants work alone or with a team to share [...]

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Ottawa’s Gastops gaining altitude with high-tech aircraft maintenance tools

(Source: Ottawa Business Journal) For nearly four decades, engineers at a nondescript office in an east-end industrial park have been doing their part to serve their country in a unique way: by building cutting-edge diagnostic tools that help keep engines running smoothly in everything from military search-and-rescue helicopters to fighter jets. They don’t get much [...]

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The Elvie L. Smith Scholarship 2017 Winner

Apply for the 2018 The Elvie L. Smith Scholarship today! Jeremy Chan-Hao Wang is an aspiring “leader-engineer” and young entrepreneur whose mission is to apply aerospace innovation and leadership development to enable the future.  A self-starter and learner, Jeremy thrives on meaningful challenges. He has held various roles as part of more than 15 drone, rocket, [...]

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The Charles Luttman Scholarship 2017 Winner

Apply for the 2018 Charles Luttman Scholarship today! Jeff Hough is a third-year Aerospace Engineering student in the Space Systems Design program at Carleton University. Over the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons, Jeff competed as a junior-level international ice dancer while simultaneously attending university and working as an NCCP certified professional coach. After representing Canada at [...]

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Thousands of tiny satellites are about to go into space and possibly ruin it forever

Halfway through the European Space Agency's new film, we're at the part where — if this were some happy space documentary from yesteryear — Carl Sagan might be giving us a tour of a distant galaxy. But it's 2017, Sagan is dead, and this is a film about space trash. So six minutes in, we're stuck a mere 800 miles above Earth, watching [...]

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Did Life Start More Than Once on Earth?

Source: University of Washington & Astrobiology Web Conditions suitable to support complex life may have developed in Earth's oceans -- and then faded -- more than a billion years before life truly took hold, a new University of Washington-led study has found. The findings, based on using the element selenium as a tool to measure [...]

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AO for 2017 Earth Explorer Conference / AOP pour Conférence « 2017 Earth Explorer »

[English follows] L'Agence spatiale canadienne (ASC) vient d'afficher un Avis d'offre de participation (AOP) pour la participation étudiante à la conférence de l'Agence spatiale européenne « 2017 Earth Explorer », qui aura lieu à Banff du 20 au 24 mars 2017. Les informations portant sur cet AOP se retrouvent sur le site de l'ASC à [...]

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