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CASI WEB TALKS with featured guest John Maris (February 21, 2017)

Around the Dial: The Evolution of Human Factors in Aviation with John Maris. With both a Doctorate and test pilot specializations in Human factors, President of Marinvent and CASI Fellow, John Maris gives us a light-hearted look at the evolution of human factors in aviation.

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CASI WEB TALKS – with featured guest John Maris – February 21, 2017

Please register for CASI WEB TALKS - with featured guest John Maris on Feb 21, 2017 12:30 PM EST at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5880369985350953730 With both a Doctorate and test pilot specializations in Human factors, President of Marivent and CASI Fellow, John Maris gives us a light-hearted look at the evolution of human factors in aviation. After registering, [...]

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Did Life Start More Than Once on Earth?

Source: University of Washington & Astrobiology Web Conditions suitable to support complex life may have developed in Earth's oceans -- and then faded -- more than a billion years before life truly took hold, a new University of Washington-led study has found. The findings, based on using the element selenium as a tool to measure [...]

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AO for 2017 Earth Explorer Conference / AOP pour Conférence « 2017 Earth Explorer »

[English follows] L'Agence spatiale canadienne (ASC) vient d'afficher un Avis d'offre de participation (AOP) pour la participation étudiante à la conférence de l'Agence spatiale européenne « 2017 Earth Explorer », qui aura lieu à Banff du 20 au 24 mars 2017. Les informations portant sur cet AOP se retrouvent sur le site de l'ASC à [...]

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Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot—Declassified USAF Footage

This newly declassified video footage from the head-up-display of a U.S. Air Force Arizona Air National Guard F-16 records the dramatic moment when its unconscious pilot is saved from certain death by the aircraft’s Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto-GCAS). The event is considered the fourth confirmed "save" of an aircraft by the system since [...]

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Dr. Robert Thirsk Astronaut | Engineer | Physician | University Chancellor

Dr. Robert Thirsk isn’t ready to write his autobiography – yet. You would think someone who qualified first as a mechanical engineer then as a medical doctor and then became an astronaut and is now a university chancellor there would already be lots to put in at least one book. But Bob Thirsk, at 63, believes there’s lots more life to live. He describes [...]

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MDA Scores a Win in Long Sought After Satellite Servicing Business Segment

It seems patience pays off. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) yesterday announced that MDA's U.S. subsidiary Space Systems Loral (SSL) has won a $127 million contract to develop the Restore-L Spacecraft Bus which will be used to service a government satellite in low earth orbit. According to the NASA press release, SSL "will provide spacecraft bus, critical hardware and services for [...]

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‘Supermoon’ Science: NASA Explains the Closest Full Moon Until 2034

The November "supermoon" is extra close to Earth today  (Nov. 14), providing an extraordinary sight for skywatchers — but exactly what makes this month's full moon so special? November's supermoon —a term used to describe a full moon is at its perigee, or closest point to Earth during the lunar orbit — will be the biggest and [...]

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The ‘Magic’ Behind Radar-Absorbing Materials For Stealthy Aircraft

The science, history and future of stealth materials Oct 28, 2016  Dan Katz | Aviation Week & Space Technology This is the third article in a series. Stealth is traditionally associated with aircraft shaping, but as more nations field low-observable aircraft and counter-stealth sensors, radar-absorbing materials (RAM) may take on increasing importance. Typically, shaping accounts for 90% of [...]

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IAC 2016 Photos – Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

The 67th International Astronautical Congress was held last week in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Attendance was reported to be over 5,200 including more than 2,000 elementary and secondary students. The annual IAC is the premier event that brings together the global space community to exchange information, identify opportunities for collaboration, and build relationships. Similar to IAC [...]

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