Get Involved in CASI

Our members agree that they get much more value from their memberships if they participate in CASI activities.

For example, you can:

  • Attend a local Branch meeting
  • Make a Branch meeting presentation
  • Join the local Branch executive
  • Submit a paper to one of our technical journals, or an article to the CASI Log, or our e-zine, the Clipper
  • Deliver a paper at a national or international technical conference hosted by CASI
  • Participate on a conference organizing committee
  • Guide specific activities within CASI by joining a standing committee
  • Share in the leadership of CASI by becoming a Councillor

Time is a commodity that seems to grow more scarce by the day. Involvement in CASI will require you to invest some time, and you may ask: “Will it be worth it?” The time you invest in CASI activities will pay a variety of dividends — increased knowledge, a wider network of contacts, personal and professional recognition, and the opportunity to contribute to your industry.

Your participation in CASI will benefit your career and enrich your life.

To find out more, contact us!